About Us

IS Pro Tactical - Concealment Gear for Men & Women

Prior to launching ISPRO TACTICAL, our designs were extensively researched and tested by Police, Military, FBI, TSA, Secret Service, and service personnel. Through valuable input from men and women in service, we developed a product line that offers the ultimate solution for concealed carry apparel that is comfortable, discreet, safe, and secure.

Concealment garments are beneficial for service members, first responders, and security personnel that sit, stand, or walk for extended periods of time, or perform repetitive motions throughout the day.

  • Signature Compression Styles
  • Tanks and Tee’s - Elasticized dual side holsters
  • Shorts – Elasticized dual back holsters
  • Dual holster options for right or left-handed individuals
  • Holsters hold small to medium guns
  • Pockets can hold cell phone or important documents during traveling
  • Tanks and t-shirts aid in posture, back, and core support
  • Discreet under casual wear, suits, and uniforms
  • SAM Registered